Hey, it’s me!

I'm Zettelkasten, a 22 year old game / plugin developer and Internet conqueror!
I build random stuff for fun. Check out my projects and feel free to contact me! I don’t bite :-)

Here is where you can find me:

Dino Fate

Your time machine crashed, and now you are stuck with the dinosaurs who are about to be extinguished by a threatening asteroid! Try to save you and the dinosaurs and survive as long as possible by teaming up with the dinosaurs Greedy, Guac, Gizmo and Ganfred. Game made in 72h for Ludum Dare 50.


Uprooted is set in a dirty swamp where the world has been corrupted and broken. You, the last alive tree, has to solve a series of unique puzzles to reunite the unstable remnants of this world! Game made in 72h for Ludum Dare 49.

Sleepy Programming Language

Compiler written in Python for the experimental programming language Sleepy which is an attempt to gap the bridge between statically typed languages like C++ with interpreted ones like Python. Interesting features include a modern and brief syntax; builtin tagged unions which type narrowing via control flow and assert statements; monomorphic, C++-like templates; implicit type inference for declared variables; and arbitrary nesting of functions inside each other.

Inner Demons

Game made in 72h for Ludum Dare 48.


A flexible Bukkit plugin that adds weight to armor! This makes the game more balanced and realistic.


My first real public Bukkit plugin that makes your maximum health dynamic! You can increase your health by gaining levels.

Bob's Burgers

Roast delicious burgers, serve self-made fries from fresh potatoes and offer drinks. But don't let your customers wait too long: They won't be happy!

Game made in 48h for Ludum Dare 37.

Tempore Falso Captus

It seems like you are tempore falso captus, that is caughed in a wrong time – but don’t worry! Control a lost traveller by typing Latin commands and help him get back home.

An educational game for Latin learners, made on one weekend together with Tim D. Read the Manual to get started.


Play Tetris with your friends, over the internet!

A Tetris clone with multiplayer capabilities written in Java.

Awesome Tier list

An interactable Awesomenauts Tier list with pros and cons to every character in the game.

Minecraft Command Generator

A responsive online-tool to generate /give commands for Minecraft. Built with AngularJS.

Evolutionary Defense

Defend your base against the enemies of centuries! Start in the middle age and protect your little tent against other clans. As time progresses, you will get stronger and unlock new technology, but your enemies will, too - so be careful!

Game made from scratch with my friend Tandorel in 72h for Ludum Dare 36. It is still work in progress, many features are missing, but we are planning to continue it!

Super Dynamite Fighter

In Super Dynamite Fighter, you have to survive waves of enemies coming at you with only your gun and dynamite.

Game made from scratch in 48h for Ludum Dare 31. This was my first entry for a game competition ever.


A work-in-progress website for language learners. See how well you're doing with little effort!


A Bukkit plugin that adds real love to your Minecraft server.

By left-clicking a player while holding shift, you can cuddle. Also, by right-clicking with clothes and holding shift, you can dress somebody.


A collaborative paint program originally designed as Java network test. Currently runs over port 25565. The project is very hacked together, so many options are missing, but it can be fun to draw with your friends.


A work-in-progress Latin form determination and language analysis tool designed to teach students Latin. I will update the website regularly as I make progress.